Toulouse of yesterday and today


Photos de Jean Dieuzaide
Fernand Cousteaux (La Dépêche du midi)
Michel Valdiguié (Adjoint au maire)

Edition Daniel Briand 1993

150 pages 33cm x 25cm

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Be a poet, stroll around while looking up at the sky: you’ll discover Toulouse there. This clear-minded vision, which gives the architect the emblems of light and shade, which make the treasures of Time come surging out of the night, these eyes which accompany you and invite you to the many beautiful views in this book are those of Jean Dieuzaide. The colours of eternity, magical plays of light emerge and are caught by his loving patience. The centuries past, the centuries of our history, deserved this modest and exacting prayer of the photographer and his long wait for the perfect moment. This book then, is a book on time; it weaves a golden thread, as beautifully se possible, between the past and the future: Fernand Cousteaux, editor of « La Dépêche du Midi », relates to us the mysteries and aadventures of the city, a rebel for its love of humanity and proud temperament, which still bears, in the red and black of its sporting banners, the colours of the Capitouls. Who then, save this man of memory, a lover of heritage; …



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